Monday, September 17, 2018

Sky: Voluntary Driving Ban

Has it finally arrived: the end of my 53-year driving career? And, is Career the right word? Yes, I think so.

I’m having no trouble at all remembering the excitement of my fifteenth year…the year I came eligible to take the test for my learner’s permit. For some reason, teenagers in Massachusetts had to wait, not until 17, not until 16, but fifteen-and-a-half was good enough.

The waiting was interminable in any case. And, besides, it felt like there was some kind of magic going on. One day I was too young to drive, and the next day all was OK. I just had to take a multiple choice written test and a vision test and then I could climb behind the wheel of the family’s Chevy Impala, a tank of a vehicle if their ever was one. Is this really fair to the other drivers on the road? I mean the ones who know what they were doing out there there? I had collected a lot of semi-useless book knowledge about cars and motors. I was all over my two magazine subscriptions (Popular Mechanics and Mad). Back then, I was able to identify every American car by its radiator and could tell you more than you needed or wanted to know about the evolution of tail fin design and placement. And hood ornaments…..fascination.