Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sky: Re-evaluation?

This week, I had my eight-month assessment/re-evaluation at the Memory Center. The usual cast of characters were on hand:

The efficient and friendly office managers,

My tester, with her arms full of flash cards, watches, combs and other professional supplies,

A random ensemble of white-coated professionals, quietly bustling about, making eye-contact with no one,

The patients, sitting docilely in pairs with their caregivers, waiting their turns to find out what the staff has to share, good news or, more likely, bad,

And, ruling the roost, Dr. P, patient and unflappable as ever. He also wears white, as befits his station.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Sky: A Bit of Personal Neuroscience

It turns out that a new and highly important part of the brain has only been discovered in the last ten years. It’s not even it’s own separate part…it is several structures working together as a hub to help make sense out of the tsunami of information and data. Its name is the Default Mode Network, DMN. Interestingly, this network wakes up and gets to work only when the rest of the body shuts down. So, when the rest of our brains and bodies and minds and consciousness enter downtime, the DMN literally switches on.

The job of the DMN is to keep the lid on, wax the floors when the office is closed, and generally re-establish order. So-called “lower” animals and young children have only undeveloped DMN, if any at all, instead creating a rich world of “magical thinking” to live in, with layers of wonder. Of course, many adults overshoot, as they put together their networks, building DMNs that are over-developed, leading to patterns of self-absorption and rigid thinking.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Sky: Demented Logic

A couple of weeks or so ago, I decided to plant some fall spinach in the garden. I had some space and the weather was still good. So, after checking with Jane, I bought some seeds and prepared a place for them. Because I remembered being forgetful lately [ ! ], I carefully followed the planting directions on the packet, including marking the area with good-sized stakes. Then, I waited. And waited some more…and more. These brand-new seeds were just not coming up despite frequent watering (I think)  and good wishes. Not a single one! But, I remember…. I was so careful making my rows, laying the seeds in there…just like the package said to do.

Now, THINK, Sky. Rev those neurons up. What exactly do I remember doing?