Monday, October 8, 2018

Sky: Demented Logic

A couple of weeks or so ago, I decided to plant some fall spinach in the garden. I had some space and the weather was still good. So, after checking with Jane, I bought some seeds and prepared a place for them. Because I remembered being forgetful lately [ ! ], I carefully followed the planting directions on the packet, including marking the area with good-sized stakes. Then, I waited. And waited some more…and more. These brand-new seeds were just not coming up despite frequent watering (I think)  and good wishes. Not a single one! But, I remember…. I was so careful making my rows, laying the seeds in there…just like the package said to do.

Now, THINK, Sky. Rev those neurons up. What exactly do I remember doing?

1. Getting out the seed packet. YES

2. Hoeing out the rows. YES

3. Placing the seed at the proper depth. YES

4. Covering the seeds. Ummm…. NO!!

Now wait…maybe I did plant those seeds. I mean it would make sense if I did. After all, I did the other steps [I think.] But it would also make sense that I didn’t.

After all, there was not a single spinach plant to show for it.

The memory trace for that short activity does not seem to be still available….if it ever was. If I try hard, can I call it up? NO. Well, Maybe.

Perhaps common sense, a cognitive skill now slowly but steadily dwindling away, can help. It used to when I was faced with puzzles and mysteries.

The first step in applying common sense is to gather reliable data, paying particular attention to new or unusual or odd information. In the Case of the Missing Spinach, the fact that not even one of the seeds germinated might be important.

What else?

Well, I seem to “remember” several of the key parts of the story….# 1-3. I have a continuing set of thoughts I will call “remembering” these activities. And #4, a complete blank. (And watering? Not even on the list!)

Again, so what?

It felt like I maybe I could trust my perceptions, my little memory of this little event…or more exactly, my non-memory of a non-event. I sure wanted it all to make sense. Logically, it could make some kind of sense…. maybe… especially in a demented world.

Spanakopita, anyone?

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