Friday, September 29, 2017

Sky: Game Night

I grew up in a family that appreciated games. The game closet was always overflowing, and playing games was the reliable “go to” activity if the weather was bad or we just didn’t know what else to do.

My parents were avid bridge players for years before their own neurological issues and frustrations took their toll. I remember [Yes, I do remember!] Bridge Nights -- when my parents moved all the downstairs furniture around, and dragged out the card tables for the massive evenings of Duplicate Bridge. I also remember feeling too young to understand the complicated system whereby each table played the same hands and somehow kept score on special pre-printed scoresheets.

I also remember that it was fine not to know how they did it. It was a different world than mine. The tables were head-high.  Special adult beverages appeared, and it was no place for little Sky to pad around in his fuzzy jammies with the plastic feet. Cute as I might have been….! I trudge upstairs to see what my sisters are up to. 

The Game of Life, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry, or Clue.
Or just shuffle some cards, if nothing else to do
Rummy, 500 or Gin
No need to keep score just as long as I win.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sky: Alzheimer's Canyon, Part 6

Yet again, the dust settles….

Yet again, I seem to remain alive, so, 

Yet again I run through my now familiar, completely non-professional, wiggle check and overall physical assessment.

Yet again, I confirm that I remain sore but alive, with one major change: the SAN-DI-FLUSH has obliterated all signs of my clothing! Nothing left. Nada. I’m as naked as the day I was born. Man, isn’t this the icing on the cake? Am I supposed to just walk up to people and casually start a conversation, buck naked? Not in my world. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sky: One Year In

A few weeks ago a day quietly went by that marked my first full year with my “probable early stage Alzheimer’s” diagnosis. Like most of what is “known” about Alzheimer’s and its progression, this anniversary itself was as quiet as it was relentless. Maybe this would be a good time for a review, a kind self-assessment? 

Or maybe not…

Instead, how about a few random observations?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Jane: Losses, Great and Small

Six years ago, I accidentally amputated the end of my left-hand thumb. Due to circumstances, I was over an hour from a hospital, and during my journey there, I wondered if they would be able to reattach it or not. What if I lost the last inch of my thumb? I finally decided that it would be OK — I would adapt.

Fortunately, the repair was a success. But, while it was healing there were some things I couldn’t do — the biggest being able to knit. I am an avid knitter, and it was really bugging me to not be able to do that. I eventually managed to, slowly, with the big bandage on my left hand. Once the bandage got smaller, my physical therapist encouraged me to knit even more, saying it would help me get the movement back in my thumb.

Loss regained.