Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sky: Navigating the Biggest Hotel in the World

Do you think a person with a compromised sense of direction might have any issues getting around the biggest hotel in the world on his own?

OK, first of all it’s not the biggest in the world any more.  It was the biggest, when it was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1919 as the New York City flagship of the then mighty Railroad. Today, the hotel still towers over Penn Station, and still dominates its hugely busy neighborhood. Due to its superb location and low-end room rates, Jane and I stayed there on the way to the conference in Atlanta. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Jane: Face-to-face with dementia

It is humbling and awe-inspiring to hang out with a bunch of people with dementia, and those who care about them. There's a "quiet room" here at the conference for people who need the space away from the hustle and bustle. I need it, and I don't even have dementia. I'm glad they welcome me.

Interesting conversations. People being real. Laughter. Questions. Sharing of ideas about support, welcoming, belonging.

Sky gets a "care package" given to those attending the conference who have dementia. A big selection of junk food. Some ear plugs to cut down on noise ("Eargasm Ear Plugs"). And the best -- a double-sided sign that says "Please Speak Slower" on one side, and "It's Too Noisy" on the other -- meant to hold up during keynote speeches and workshops... and maybe just regular life. I'll bet there are a lot of people who would appreciate such a sign.

Just a lot of caring people having hors d'oeuvres and drinking wine.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sky: All Aboard!

Sitting underground, in magnificently overstimulating New York City, waiting for an overnight train headed South. 

But, first…Word Association Time…

…Railroad…Tobacco Road…..Dementia Road…Road to Nowhere?…Nowhere Man?…No Way, Jose!!

Jane and I have the good fortune to have signed up for the North American conference of DAA, the Dementia Action Alliance.  This is a group advocating for the continuing Personhood of people living with dementia [what an idea!].

“Re-Imagine Life with Dementia!" is the theme of the two-day conference, staring tomorrow in Atlanta.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sky: Store 2

The Vermont State Liquor Store is a busy place this Friday afternoon in May. The Colleges are winding down, the students are winding up, and the one Liquor Store in town is shaking. Twenty-somethings dominate the store, both behind the counter and in the long, polite lines of customers waiting to check out. The Store is prepared for the onslaught, with extra help at the checkouts.

There’s one old guy, two or three times the age of everyone else. He’s kind of disheveled, wearing work clothes. Despite his small purchase, he manages to hold up the line, emptying one of his pockets onto the counter.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sky: Store 1

Alzheimer's, you are so slow.

I can run circles around you if I want to.

To prove it, I just drew a clock ….

….took 19 seconds…

And it wasn’t a bit difficult !!

          Unlike at the store yesterday: $6.41