Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sky: Store 2

The Vermont State Liquor Store is a busy place this Friday afternoon in May. The Colleges are winding down, the students are winding up, and the one Liquor Store in town is shaking. Twenty-somethings dominate the store, both behind the counter and in the long, polite lines of customers waiting to check out. The Store is prepared for the onslaught, with extra help at the checkouts.

There’s one old guy, two or three times the age of everyone else. He’s kind of disheveled, wearing work clothes. Despite his small purchase, he manages to hold up the line, emptying one of his pockets onto the counter.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Sky: Store 1

Alzheimer's, you are so slow.

I can run circles around you if I want to.

To prove it, I just drew a clock ….

….took 19 seconds…

And it wasn’t a bit difficult !!

          Unlike at the store yesterday: $6.41