Monday, June 5, 2017

Sky: Store 1

Alzheimer's, you are so slow.

I can run circles around you if I want to.

To prove it, I just drew a clock ….

….took 19 seconds…

And it wasn’t a bit difficult !!

          Unlike at the store yesterday: $6.41

           First, I hand over a five and a one.

            I’d brought some change from home.

           So, I dump a few coins on the counter:

            Quarters, nickels, dimes and 2 pennies


                                My mind gets seriously busy, jangling

                                Way too many possibilities …

                                Most of them skyrocketing over $0.41

                                Others not enough.

                                          The store clerk is patient,

                                          Watching me pushing the coins


                                           And around.


  1. Why does change get hard ... what a puzzle ... anyway ... put those coins that just won't add up in your palm and let the store clerk pick out the right ones?

    1. two things:
      1. the element of surprise. I had no idea in the world thatI'd have a problem counting the change until I had dumped it out on the counter. And, yes, in the end the clerk picked out the coins he wanted. Sort of like a foreign country

      2. [ I forget !!!] : )