Monday, June 5, 2017

Sky: Store 1

Alzheimer's, you are so slow.

I can run circles around you if I want to.

To prove it, I just drew a clock ….

….took 19 seconds…

And it wasn’t a bit difficult !!

          Unlike at the store yesterday: $6.41

           First, I hand over a five and a one.

            I’d brought some change from home.

           So, I dump a few coins on the counter:

            Quarters, nickels, dimes and 2 pennies


                                My mind gets seriously busy, jangling

                                Way too many possibilities …

                                Most of them skyrocketing over $0.41

                                Others not enough.

                                          The store clerk is patient,

                                          Watching me pushing the coins


                                           And around.


  1. Why does change get hard ... what a puzzle ... anyway ... put those coins that just won't add up in your palm and let the store clerk pick out the right ones?

    1. two things:
      1. the element of surprise. I had no idea in the world thatI'd have a problem counting the change until I had dumped it out on the counter. And, yes, in the end the clerk picked out the coins he wanted. Sort of like a foreign country

      2. [ I forget !!!] : )

  2. "Sort of like a foreign country"

    ...yeah. The way you describe Alzheimer's, it sounds like visiting a foreign country and, just as you begin to be used to the money and know a few phrases and get familiar with the streets and trains at least enough to get back to your lodgings, you're on to the next leg of your trip and plunked down in a new country. Amy