Monday, September 11, 2017

Sky: Alzheimer's Canyon, Part 6

Yet again, the dust settles….

Yet again, I seem to remain alive, so, 

Yet again I run through my now familiar, completely non-professional, wiggle check and overall physical assessment.

Yet again, I confirm that I remain sore but alive, with one major change: the SAN-DI-FLUSH has obliterated all signs of my clothing! Nothing left. Nada. I’m as naked as the day I was born. Man, isn’t this the icing on the cake? Am I supposed to just walk up to people and casually start a conversation, buck naked? Not in my world. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sky: One Year In

A few weeks ago a day quietly went by that marked my first full year with my “probable early stage Alzheimer’s” diagnosis. Like most of what is “known” about Alzheimer’s and its progression, this anniversary itself was as quiet as it was relentless. Maybe this would be a good time for a review, a kind self-assessment? 

Or maybe not…

Instead, how about a few random observations?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Jane: Losses, Great and Small

Six years ago, I accidentally amputated the end of my left-hand thumb. Due to circumstances, I was over an hour from a hospital, and during my journey there, I wondered if they would be able to reattach it or not. What if I lost the last inch of my thumb? I finally decided that it would be OK — I would adapt.

Fortunately, the repair was a success. But, while it was healing there were some things I couldn’t do — the biggest being able to knit. I am an avid knitter, and it was really bugging me to not be able to do that. I eventually managed to, slowly, with the big bandage on my left hand. Once the bandage got smaller, my physical therapist encouraged me to knit even more, saying it would help me get the movement back in my thumb.

Loss regained.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sky: Alzheimer's Canyon, Part 5

In case you have forgotten, our traveler’s detour has turned from bizarre to frightening. Somehow, he has been flushed into Alzheimer’s Canyon itself, where survival seems questionable.

There’s that rumbling again. Louder. No way can this turn out anywhere near good. Even if I can stay on this wall a little longer, it will only be until the next SAN-DI-FLUSH peels me off and does who-knows-what with me. 

“Help! I need help!” I’m screaming now. “Isn’t there anyone here?”

“Well, ahm here, buddy. And y’all don’t need to shout,” says a soft, Southern voice.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Jane: Dementia and the Arts

At the recent conference of the Dementia Action Alliance in Atlanta, GA, there was an extensive display of artistic creations by people with dementia. There were paintings and drawings (in different mediums), photographs, ceramics, and fiber arts. I was particularly enchanted by the fiber arts created by Cecil, and I asked him to create me a piece.

It arrived in the mail yesterday: