Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sky: Funny, You Don't LOOK like You Have Alzheimer's

 If You Could Read My Mind, Love,
What a Tale My Thoughts Could Tell…
—Gordon Lightfoot

If I don’t look like, or act like, the Alzheimer’s picture in your brain, maybe it’s time for a second look. Both at my brain and at yours! Because I KNOW something untoward is going on in my set of 100 Billion neurons…


So, let’s try a brain check…..”How’s it going in there, Sky-Brain?”

“Not too bad, you?”

“Not bad, but people are talking.”

“Talking about what now?” Sky’s Brain wants to know.

“Oh, the usual, everything and nothing. It seems there is not much agreement about how, I (I should say WE!) are progressing on this Alzheimer’s thing. I mean a friend just told me I seemed to be in my ‘right mind.’ Weird, huh?” 

“Yeah, you got that right. Maybe they never seen world-class juggling before. I got 100 Billion balls in the air here, trying to fight off a no-win assault. And did I really just hear you use the word Progress to refer to this slow-motion train wreck? That’s end of my life, and your life, you’re discussing so blithely. Have a little respect for your partner, pal. And I should care about this ‘lack of agreement’ …WHY? We’ve been over and over this. Like the song says, “Nobody know nuttin'!!" The neurologist know nuttin'! The social worker know nuttin'! The researchers know nuttin'! The experts know nuttin'! NOBODY KNOW NUTTIN'! And this is one PISSED OFF Brain you are talking to.”

“Easy, old fellah, you’re getting all worked up again... Listen to me. I agree with you 100%. I've just been noticing that, with all the ignorance, people are getting busy filling in the gaps any way they feel like. Maybe they’re just as scared as you and I are. But... it’s really not our problem if they’re scared. And it’s not our problem if their pictures of us are distorted… We got to live through every day… And, no, I’m not in my “right mind.” I’m in MY MIND.

Isn’t that enough?

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