Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jane: Our Speaking Schedule

Sky and I have been speaking around the Northeast since September on "Living with Dementia." Many of you who have attended our talks have asked to know our full schedule so that you can refer friends and family who live nearby. So, here it is:

March 4, 10 am, Derby Line, VT, First Universalist Parish
April 8, 10 am, Bennington, VT, Unitarian Universalist (UU) Fellowship
April 15, 10:30 am, Skagit UU Fellowship, Mt. Vernon, WA
April 21, 9-noon, workshop, First Unitarian, Portland, OR
April 22, 10:30 am, West Hills UU Fellowship, Portland, OR
April 28, 9-noon, workshop, East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue, WA
April 29, 10 am, East Shore Unitarian Church, Bellevue, WA
May 13, 10 am, UU Church, Manchester, NH
May 27, 10 am, Murray UU Church, Attleboro, MA
July 1, 10 am, College St. Congregational Church, Burlington, VT

If any of our readers would like us to speak in your area, please contact us!

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