Monday, November 26, 2018

Sky: Does This Strategy Have a Chance?

I’ve noticed a common thread among many of us of us living on the dementia continuum. As our short-term memories decline, so do our skills at handling conflict and stress.

Small bumps in the road that we previously would have cruised right through or maybe not even noticed, now turn into mud pits with DANGER flags flapping wildly. One of my first signs of neurological trouble occurred early on in the renovation project two years ago when I happened to overhear two workers talking about their schedules, when they were available for the following week. For some completely unknown reason, I found this conversation threatening, and I made tracks out of there!

As experiences like these accumulated, I began to notice a pattern. I eventually had the opportunity to re-learn some key information that had anchored me through decades as a mediator.



More Stress

Blame Somebody

More Stress

More Blame

As long as this pattern remains intact, positive change is impossible. If people in an interaction demand the other side to change first, without acknowledging their own roles, then good luck with that!!

Finding truth in the deeper levels of an interaction is often the route to a happier resolution. I know this to be the case in family and business conflicts. If you’re so smart, put it to work with this dementia thing, Sky…

What if I choose to interact with the Alzheimers-modified world that I live in 24/7 with a little more confidence and self-esteem? What might happen then? Looking back, it’s safe to say that the times I have lived the most courageously have been the most rewarding.

Why stop now?

What if I took the time to interact with the whole world with care and respect and love …every day? I really mean it…what would my world look like?

I’m on a mission: I want to disable the triggers that would send me into a black hole of anxiety or fear or what ifs AND I want to collect stories of families and people who are bucking the stereotype of Alzheimers = Armageddon. (Post your stories in the comments.)

Even in the smallest of ways….

Now, please don’t get me wrong. You will NOT, NEVER, EVER hear me gushing about how happy I am now that Dr. Alz has become a permanent and forever part of my life. He’s slowly and relentlessly pulling out my brain circuits, one by one, until there are no more.

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