Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sky: Alzheimer's Sleaze

Today I pulled up a video on the computer that promised a cure for Alzheimer's. Yep, a reversal of symptoms in 21 days. Complete cure in a month. All with ingredients from your local grocery store. This, after the video’s would-be“neurologist’s” dramatic prediction that, without the treatment plan they offer, the person with Alzheimer's who they profile in the video would be unable to recognize her own children after three months. After all, her MRI scan showed her brain to be mostly transformed into “a big black hole."

The narrator of the video urged viewers to act fast because at any minute the web site might be taken down by the powers-that-be at the Big Pharma, multi-national legal drug cartels.

As someone on the dementia continuum, I found the video more than a little creepy.  It was narrated by a handsome, earnest-looking guy who described himself as a science teacher from Stamford, Connecticut. His wife, the person with Alzheimer's (now totally cured!), was supposedly an English teacher in the same wealthy community.

Their sales pitch was disturbing on a number of levels. I saw more of it than I wanted to because the video was put up without the usual controls to pause or stop it. Weird. 

Weirder still was the message of the unfairness to these nice, smart, well-off people being cheated out of the life they are entitled to, ripped off by big, nasty corporations.

I’d tell you the magic potion of common secret ingredients if I’d made it to the end, but I fear I’d need to turn over a credit card to become an insider, don’t you think?

There is only so much of that fear-mongering and magic-for-sale that I can take.

People living with dementia have more than enough pain to deal with without these parasites trying to make money off of it.

I know I do!

If you must look, I found them at but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! 

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  1. I did not and will not view the video but I can still say I find it horrifying and infuriating. As you say, Sky, those on the dementia continuum have more than enough to deal with without this kind of crap. How do people who post this stuff sleep at night??!! Un-frigging-believable. All the more reason why blogs such as yours are so important. You tell your story and we learn from your experience. Your blog can frighten us and sadden us but it also comforts us and informs us and broadens us. Thank your time, effort and thought as you continue to post. Please keep it up!! Mary Y.