Saturday, December 2, 2017

Jane: Kudos to the Netherlands!

In a move to make the entire country of the Netherlands "dementia-friendly," they have created a website with tips and training modules for people in business, government, and health care. This is amazing! Once certified, a business or institution will be able to carry a logo indicating that they are dementia-friendly. Anyone want to do this in your own community?

Check it out: (No fear, it translates to English....)


  1. Wow. Just wow. What makes us (U.S. citizens) think we're so great? Other countries have programs like this, or universal health care, or high speed rail, or building codes that require net zero energy use. I am delighted to hear this, Jane, but dismayed that our country is so far away from such a thing.

  2. How does it translate into English? I am on a laptop with no special apps.

    1. When I click on the link, it automatically translates to English.... and I'm on a laptop with no special apps. Sorry!